Christopher Nichols – President/CEO, is an experienced executive with extensive and diverse management experience and expertise. Over 20 years ago, Chris established what can be considered a blockchain forerunner through the development of a patented one-time pad based, crypto-key validated and tracked transaction solution built on Sun Microsystem’s Trusted Solaris platform. Mr. Nichols has held CEO, officer, and senior positions and served on company boards in various technology industries, including Internet security, media production, and medical devices. He has been an officer at Key Capital since 2001 and was appointed to the Board in January 2012 as the Company’s President/CEO.

Matthew Talbot, BSc, BAcc, CPA – Chief Financial Officer, has extensive audit and financial reporting experience for both operating companies and investment firms. Matt started his career in complex audits with PricewaterhouseCoopers. From January 2005 to July 2010 he served at American Capital (NASDAQ:ACAS) which currently has around $118 billion under management. At American Capital Strategies Ltd he managed a small team responsible for pre-investment due diligence, post-investment monitoring, in-depth analysis of under-performing companies, and quarterly valuation of portfolio companies. This team identified and analyzed suitable investment opportunities for Board and investment consideration and subsequently oversaw investment performance of investee companies. In July 2010 he accepted a position in Financial Planning and Analysis for Swiss listed gategroup which has 27,000 employees providing passenger services to the airline industry globally. He has strong management skills and excels in project and quantitative analysis, budgets & forecasts, and mergers & acquisitions.

Drew S. Phillips – Investor Relations, has represented many emerging micro-cap growth companies as the Senior Vice President of an investor relations firm for the past 5 years. His experience and talent with investor relations brings a new and exciting dynamic to Key Capital. Drew is a native of Raleigh North Carolina.

Industry Consultants: Key Capital has many industry professionals available, across diverse industries, and in all facets of experience and expertise.

Mining: Key Capital engages internal consultants and where required will engage with some of the world’s leading and recognized expert engineering and consulting groups for mine implementation, management, and operations, including engineering, design, and management; environmental compliance; geochemistry; mineral resources; geophysics; mine geology & exploration; metallurgy; rock mechanics; geotechnical; hydrology; and civil, process, and geotechnical engineering, etc. These industry professionals will be appointed where needed on a project-by-project basis and provide any additional required technical and analytical expertise in all mining disciplines.

FinTech: Christopher Nichols will oversee and lead the division. Chris previously has led large complex security initiatives working on major cyber security initiatives in association with major corporations including, The Aerospace Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems, and EDS. Where required, engineers and other IT specialists will be appointed.

Life Sciences: Key Capital relies on the technical expertise and guidance of its partners and focusses its activities on strategy and marketing initiatives that are managed in-house.